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For Those Interested in Becoming a Partner with MegaHom:
MegaHom: Your One-Stop Platform for Property Search, Rental, and Listings. Offering Comprehensive Building Information, Real-Time Interaction, and Viewing Appointments. In addition to property services, we welcome all building-related services to join this lineup and become esteemed partners of MegaHom. Together, we can enhance operational efficiency, expand customer base, and strengthen cooperation for a mutually beneficial partnership.

MegaHom Comprehensive Services


Offering Mortgage Consultation, Property Valuation, and Credit Reports Services.


Providing Comparison and Assistance in Finding the Right Loan Plan.

Legal Consultation

Professional Building Legal Consultation Services

Decoration Design

Assisting clients in realizing their actual needs, creating their dream living spaces.


Outstanding Property Videos to Capture Customer Attention

Feng Shui Layout

Offering Feng Shui Guidance for Home Layout and Arrangement

Free Advertising Package

Advantages of video viewing

New trends in property technology

Benefits that property technology brings to users

Identifying true sources saves time and money

How to find the preferred real estate?

Comparison of Hong Kong property platforms

Application Process for Joining Comprehensive Services

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On your personal profile, select 'Join Comprehensive Services,' fill in the company information, and submit.

Once the review is completed, your listing will be displayed in the Comprehensive Services ad space.

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