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The new wave of epidemic is not under control, and the real estate market transactions are at a low level. Owners who have placed offers in many areas have expanded their bargaining space, and some buyers have taken the opportunity to absorb "reduced offers". This past weekend, the sales of the top ten housing estates continued to hover in double digits. .

As the epidemic continues in Hong Kong, many prospective buyers have postponed entry into the market, and property owners in many districts have softened their attitudes and expanded their room for price reductions. Over the past weekend, second-hand sales fell slightly. Based on major agency data, the top ten housing estates had a maximum of 11 transactions.

Midland Realty said that despite the raging epidemic, sales and purchases still recorded double digits, reflecting that purchasing power still exists and is only temporarily under pressure.

Data from Lee Ka Court shows that the number of transactions dropped to 9 in the past two days, with half of the top ten housing estates recording "zero transactions".

Centaline Real Estate pointed out that the price reduction range of some listings increased by about 5% compared with the previous month, attracting buyers to enter the market.

The unit sold in Lam Tin Laguna City over the weekend, with an area of ​​more than 740 square feet and three bedrooms, was reduced from NT$11 million to NT$10 million and the price per square foot was more than NT$13,000.

In addition, another benchmark housing estate, City One, Shatin, has been on the market for two months, with a price reduction of nearly 10%. The unit was sold for NT$7.2 million, with an area of ​​more than 410 square feet and a price of nearly NT$16,000 per square foot.

As for Regal Garden in the same district, an owner slashed the price by 20% to less than NT$10 million. A three-bedroom unit was sold for NT$9.98 million, and the price per square foot was about NT$10,800. The price of similar units in this housing estate was NT$11 million at the end of last month, and it was close to NT$12 million in November last year.

Article source: NOW News