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Online property hunting has become a savior for the epidemic market, and buyers of many second-hand transactions have gone online to find new properties. Midland Regional Manager Yu Weifeng said that many customers took advantage of the epidemic to purchase properties. Metro Bayside temporarily recorded about 8 sales cases this month. Some buyers entered the market through online property search for a two-bedroom unit, and the transaction price was 9.75 million yuan.

The unit sold is Room E, a high-rise building in Tower 7, Metropolis Bayside, with a usable area of ​​498 square feet, a 2-bedroom partition, an open view, and corporate decoration, attracting customers in the area to take it for their own use. It is reported that the original asking price of the unit was 10.5 million, and now It was reduced to NT$9.75 million, a reduction of NT$750,000, a decrease of more than 7%, equivalent to a practical price of approximately NT$19,578 per square foot.

It is understood that the original owner purchased it for about NT$6.5 million in May 2015, and made a book profit of about NT$3.25 million when it was resold, representing an appreciation of 50%.