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"MegaHom Property Technology Platform" makes it easier to find, rent, and list properties, and has launched the "Real Estate Search and Listing" program. Find a comfort zone for everyone. Each area has sufficient disk resources, real disk resources, real shooting, and the most realistic environment is presented in the form of short videos. The content is comprehensive. Owners or agents manage real estate information by themselves, with real-time interaction, appointment for viewings, legal advisors, decoration design, and Feng Shui patterns to ensure the latest and most accurate information. Buyers or tenants can quickly find the most suitable property. Help you find bamboo shoots without leaving home, making house transactions easier!

Our Features

  • 1 Real Source

    We ensure that every property is authentic, with real commissions, real sales, and real prices, so that customers can have a clearer grasp of real real estate information.

  • 2 Live shooting

    Provide you with a large number of real estate videos, with high-definition images and smooth playback. Videos shot in real-life situations of each property will help you hunt for bamboo shoots across regions without leaving home!

  • 3 Schedule an appointment for viewing

    Provide an appointment function to find properties that meet your requirements, and arrange the viewing time in advance to ensure that you can find the property you like in the shortest possible time.

  • 4 Direct communication

    Through the MegaHom App online contact service, customers can instantly contact owners or agents to enhance mutual interaction and improve transaction efficiency.